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Welcome to! We provide the latest information about online casinos, games and promotions for players in Canada. is comprised of a team of casino professionals. Each one of us comes with extensive experience in the online gaming industry. Together, we have over 30 years of combined experience between us. We've been working together with German players for many years to provide clarity to their gaming. Over time, we have met many Canadians who have wanted the same high level, quality information on online casinos. In 2020, we put together with the mission to deliver clear and objective casino reviews for players in Canada to navigate this space confidently.

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clipboard icon All the online casinos you see on the website have been tested by our experts. Our team goes through each casino methodically, evaluating them across several criteria to deliver a comprehensive and detailed casino review.

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Our editorial team at consists of experts who have been working in the online casino and gaming industry for many years. Some of us started when the first online casinos took off in the 90s. We know how it all works and what makes a trustworthy casino.

laptop icon Our site has the latest information on new casino updates, whether it's in terms of design or performance. We also list the most current casino promotions available to players in Canada. If there's anything new, we will have it covered immediately. You will hear it here first!

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Vienne Garcia

Vienne Garcia Vienne Garcia comes from the sunny island of Malta, where she has been working in the online casino industry for over 10 years. Going from customer service to the backend of online casinos, Vienne understands online casinos inside out. An avid traveller, she has spent much time going across Canada from British Columbia all the way to the Maritimes. At, Vienne works with Canadian players to put together casino reviews so that others can find the best gaming sites to play at. We are blessed to have her sharing her knowledge with us! Find out more about Vienne here.

Christian Webber

christian webber Christian is always on the move so it's no surprise that he's our in-house mobile casino expert. He's the guy with the latest gadgets and loves his phone and tablet. Christian intuitively understands the potential of mobile devices and what makes for a good mobile game. He's up to date with the newest cutting edge casino games, as well as the latest mobile casino offers. Christian Webber is always on the ball. You can read more about this amazing guy here or follow Christian on facebook

Peter Schmidt

martin hill Peter Schmidt is the ultimate online casino expert. He goes through masses of online casinos to find the real gems. No man has seen as many casinos from the inside as Peter. His experience is unmatched and it hasn't always been easy. Distinguishing a good provider from a bad one can be an art, he tells us. We are therefore particularly proud to have Peter on board with us.

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