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Limbo Facts

$500 Bonus Play at Stake
Min. Bet: Any decimal above 0.00
Max. Bet: None
Max. Win: 1 million x your bet size
Free Spins:
Free Play:
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When most people hear the term limbo, it is a toss-up as to what they think first. Is it the uncertain state – like being left in limbo when a date suddenly disappears, or the happier version, being the world famous party game? You know the one, in which everyone lines up behind a stick, then leaning back dance their way through, one by one, until the player who can manage the lowest backbend to clear the stick without touching the ground, ultimately wins.

Well, we're not talking about either of those two here, though the philosophical amongst us can surely draw some correlations to the first, and even the less erudite can see some clear links to the latter. So what are we talking about then?

What this review is about is the limbo casino game, which has popped up at some of the best crypto casinos around.

star icon Exceptionally simple, yet highly engaging, online Limbo Game is ideal for players of all budgets and appetite risks. You can bet really small or go for wins of up to 1,000,000 (that's 1 million!) times your wager.

And since there is no maximum bet, the amount you can win is technically unlimited, and since this is a crypto game we're talking about - like BTC gambling - this means the prize potential is absolutely enormous.

For all the details on where to play and how to play, keep reading this complete Limbo game review.

Best Limbo Casino

pachinko gambling

There are a number of online casinos where you can play Limbo. Most of them have their own proprietary version of the game, in the same way that crypto casinos develop original games like Plinko and Hi Lo.

While the interface differs slightly among the Stake and versions, the mechanics and goal are ultimately the same. This means you'll get equally good limbo play at any of our recommended crypto casinos.

pachinko gambling

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stake-logo 96% Excellent $500 visit Stake Read Review
BCGame-Logo 94% Outstanding Virtually unlimited visit BC.Game Casino Read Review
national-casino-logo 93% Outstanding $500 + 100 Free Spins visit National Casino Read Review
betfury-cryptos-only 90% Outstanding $3,500 + 1000 Free Spins visit Betfury Read Review
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pachinko casino

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bizzo-logo 94% Outstanding $1,000 + 150 Free Spins visit Bizzo Casino Read Review
bitstarz-logo 93% Outstanding $2,000 or 5 BTC + 180 Free Spins visit BitStarz Casino Read Review
woocasino-logo 93% Outstanding $300 + 200 Free Spins visit Woo Casino Read Review
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pachinko gambling

Like we said, since Limbo is an original game developed for the most part in-house by each crypto casino, there are slight differences between the different versions.

That being said, the emphasis in the prior sentence is on "slight".  While the graphics and terminology may vary a bit depending on which site you are playing at, the gameplay and the ultimate goal are essentially the same. So how does it work?

In a way, the goal is sort of similar to the party game limbo. And here's how.

Basically, you are gambling on what number will appear on screen, and hoping that the number you chose is lower. So like party limbo, you're trying to get in under the line.

This is a completely random form of gambling, like guessing if the next car that passes by will be blue or green. Or in casino terms, perhaps the most relevant comparison would be a bet on the roulette wheel - because there is literally no way of knowing what number or color the ball will land on. So there's no strategy in play, though you can develop a bit of Limbo betting strategy, which we'll get into in a bit.

limbo-play We have chosen a multiplier of 2X for our bets on Stake More Less

So now that we understand the goal of the game, the question is:

japanese pinball pachinko

What you do is bet an amount in the cryptocurrency you're using, for example, Bitcoin.

You then select what is called your 'Target Multiplier' at Stake, or something similar if you're playing elsewhere. This target is the number you will need to match or be below in order to win. That is, you need your target number to fit in under the number that will randomly appear on screen. If you win, you will receive the amount listed in the 'Profit on Win' box. How much you will win for your multiplier is a matter of probability. And you will see that listed in the 'Win Chance' box.

So say you have a target multiplier of 2X. That and any number above equals a winning round. Your 'Win Chance' will be 49.5%  – this is automatically calculated and shown by the system, and how much you can win on each bet, is of course dependent on how much you bet.

Over all, Limbo is a super high variance game with an extremely wide range of potential outcomes between bets. And this obviously needs to be taken into account as you proceed to bet. Especially when you consider your personal gambling budget and intentions for long-term strategy and play.

arrow The lowest multiplier, and therefore the one with the best odds is 1.01X. This will give you a 98.01980198% chance of winning. Just keep in mind that the profit for such a win is duly adjusted to suit the high odds. However, if you bet a huge amount of Bitcoin, even that small profit could be quite big.

arrow The highest multiplier, and therefore the one with the lowest probability of a win is 1,000,000X. So while the odds are extremely low here, if you do manage to beat them, you could become very rich. That is because of the lack of betting limitations, there is no cap on the maximum win when playing Limbo. This potential for unlimited wins, needless to say is a big part of this game's great appeal and it's why so many crypto gamblers can be found raving about it online.

limbo-bcgame Limbo version on the BC.Game Casino More Less

japanese pinball game

As mentioned, there are a number of select online casinos with their own Limbo games. But in our opinion, Stake casino is probably the best bet, as its version is as stellar as its overall offering.

Stake also has some pretty great streamers touting its games online. But although the famous Stake streamers like Trainwreckstv have helped make Plinko an international hit, neither he nor other big names in casino streaming like ClassyBeef or Roshtein have yet to give Limbo its moment in the sun.

Which is too bad, because we're sure they could do a terrific job of demonstrating its appeal, and would on the personal front, happen to love the potential for high stakes and equally big thrills. After all, the unlimited winning potential of Limbo is the stuff that awesome entertainment is made of - and these guys' fans would go crazy seeing that happen!

Limbo Game Features

Playing Limbo is extremely straightforward. And frankly, it's actually kind of fun just setting different 'Target Multipliers' to see how much you could potentially win, even before you launch your bet.

arrow In fact, this is pretty much the highlight of the game. Big wins. Simple play. There is no need for any other bells and whistles to draw your attention. Still, there are some minor features to point out.

So let's start with what Limbo doesn't have:

Obviously, here are no Limbo bonus rounds. However, there are a number of small things you can do to adjust your game experience, like for example, choosing whether to play with the volume on or off. Some people like it, while others find it distracting.

You can also use any of the following features to make your Limbo play even easier than it already is:

  1. pachinko gambling online
  2. Hot keys
  3. Max bet

pachinko gambling online

In addition to automatically issuing bets for a fixed number of rounds, this feature can be set to increase your bet amount on either a loss or a win. You can also opt to stop the auto bet running once you reach a certain profit amount, or loss sum, which is a nice way to set yourself goals, and keep some control.

Hot keys

When enabled, hot keys are a neat tool to quickly make your bets based on keyboard commands.

limbo-hotkeys At Stake, hot keys make betting decisions quick and easy, with a push of a single key. More Less

Max bet

banknote icon This one's intuitive enough. Just make sure you have enough money in your account to be able to complete it. You'll need to be a serious high roller if you want to go for this.

japanese pinball pachinko

limbo fairness Like all games at reputable crypto casinos (i.e. those that are licensed and regulated) Limbo is a provably fair game.

A rather complicated algorithm is used to achieve completely random results, and because this is crypto gambling, it is something that is viewable to you as a player.

On Stake Limbo, for example, there is a link labelled 'Fairness' which you can click on to see all of the details including the client seed, server seed, nonce, and ultimately the complete calculation breakdown.

You can also use what is called the hash to verify the fairness of the game for yourself on the blockchain. Though, we should point out, it will require patience and familiarity with numbers to make sense of it all. Or you can take our word for it, that the Limbo RNG is super high functioning. And all of the games are 100% random in their outcome, which in other words means fair.

pachinko gambling online

  1. Where can I play Limbo for free?
  2. What is the best strategy for playing Limbo?
  3. What is the best version of Limbo and where can I find it?
  4. Do I have to play Limbo with Bitcoin?
  5. Is there a mobile Limbo game?

1.) Where can I play Limbo for free?

Stake Casino Original Game Limbo We are always happy to recommend crypto casinos where you can play games for free - and they do exist - you can find a Limbo demo mode on for example. Especially to those new to the game wanting to get in a few practice rounds first, we recommend trying the demo version first. Alternatively, since the minimum bet amount is so low, you can give it a try for marginal stakes. Also, there are Limbo videos out there that walk you through the game if you want an even clearer picture as to how the Limbo betting and action unfolds.
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2.) What is the best strategy for playing Limbo?

luck-64x64.png Limbo is a game of luck. That means there really is no strategy involved. After all, there is absolutely no way you can predict what number will be called up. That being said there is a fair bit of Limbo strategy involved when it comes to betting. Since you essentially set your odds and the potential payoff level, this is something you need to consider each time. Want high odds and smaller prizes? Go for lower multipliers. Want the biggest wins possible? Then you'll have to be either supremely lucky or have a serious bankroll to really give it a go.

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3.) What is the best version of Limbo and where can I find it?

Limbo is a rather niche game. That is, you can only find it at select crypto casinos. While the list above doesn't necessarily cover them all, these leading crypto casinos are a good place to start. In general, while we're partial to the Stake experience, all of the Limbo games are quite similar - using perhaps slightly different terminology or graphics at most.

So really it is more a matter of which crypto casino you like best overall to help determine your choice. And if you need guidance there, we can tell you to pay attention to the overall game library, bonus offers, bonus structures, and of course, banking policies.

limbocat You can find a Limbo Cat Version on the Bizzo Casino More Less

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4.) Do I have to play Limbo with Bitcoin?

Although Bitcoin is by far the most popular cryptocurrency, and is often used synonymously with the term, it is not the exclusive digital coin accepted for Limbo play.

cryptocurrencies Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ripple, TRON, and EOS are just a number of examples of the many cryptocurrencies that you can use to bet on Limbo. Plus, with some crypto casinos working in a hybrid model - that is with both crypto and fiat currencies - you should be able to find places to play Limbo in Canadian dollars, US dollars, or Euros.

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5.) Is there a mobile Limbo game?

mobile devices icon Yes, of course. There is a mobile Limbo game. Or more accurately, you can play Limbo from any mobile device including your smartphone or tablet, whether it's an Android operating system or iOS system that you're using, like Samsung or iPhone respectively. To do so, simply visit the online casino from your mobile browser and log in from there to play. Mobile Limbo is the exact same game and all of the rules and betting formats are the same as detailed above. The only difference is your screen size.

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While the team loves the Limbo game, it is only now growing in popularity. As such, you will not find it at every casino, rather only at select crypto casinos, and the very rare online casino that deals in crypto currencies.

thumb up icon Hence this Limbo review is a great place to start if you're looking to get in on the game. Which, by the way, for us is an excellent change of pace from slots in particular. The Limbo strategy is not far off, as this is not a skill based game and the potential for wins is actually far higher than even the biggest progressive jackpots.

That being said, remember that the more you can win, the lower your probabilities. So bet wisely, and enjoy. Because in our expert opinion, it's definitely worth a try.

Try Limbo at Stake Casino

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