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ApeCoin Facts
Company: APE Foundation / ApeCoin DAO
Founded in: 2022
CEO: Yuga Labs
Available in: Most countries in the world
E-Mail: [email protected]
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As the crypto scene takes off, literally hundreds if not thousands of altcoins have emerged. Ape coin is one of them. The name may be a bit of irreverent, but Ape isn't really a meme coin though. This coin means business. Show business and gaming to be exact.

Launched only in 2022, Ape has already gathered some big names behind the project. If you're familiar with the Bored Ape Yacht Club, you probably already know you can claim ApeCoins and use them in the BAYC universe. The name to this cryptocurrency is no coincidence: the geniuses behind Bored Ape are also behind the Ape Coin. And they're ambitious. In this article, we'll talk more about the Ape coin in detail, the Ape DAO governance structure, whether it's hype or whether it has real future, and of course its potential when it comes to crypto gambling.

Since we're mostly about gambling on this site, we'll say it up front: for now, not many casinos accept the ApeCoin. This can obviously change very quickly, especially since Ape is all about gaming. But the fact is if you're approaching this purely from a gambling perspective, Ape won't give you the widest choice. You'll still benefit from all the benefits of crypto gambling though, and there might be other reasons you want to hold some $APE.

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Best pachinko casino Ape Coin Casinos 2023

The list of Ape Coin casinos is not very long. At least not for now. However, quality matters and these crypto casinos are all top rated with awesome games. Feel free to use your APE at these gambling sites.

eCOGRA GLI iTech Labs Malta Gaming Authority SSL Secured
stake-logo 96% Excellent $500 visit Stake Read Review
BCGame-Logo 94% Outstanding Virtually unlimited visit BC.Game Casino Read Review
Rollbit-onlycrypto-logo 93% Outstanding Challenges & Bonus Battles visit Rollbit Read Review
Duelbits-logo-cryptos 92% Outstanding VIP program visit Duelbits Read Review
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What is Ape Coin?

At the most basic level, the Ape coin is a cryptocurrency on the Ethereum protocol, making it an ERC-20 token. With a focus on gaming and art, APE is well positioned to be a Metaverse token, and it is already functioning as a utility token in the Bored Ape platform on Metaverse, Otherside.

Beyond simply being a coin that you can buy and sell on crypto exchanges in the hopes of making a quick buck, the Ape coin is also a governance token that lets holders vote in the Ape DAO, which stands for De-centralized Autonomous Organization. To really understand what all this means, it's worth looking a bit at the vision and history of Ape.

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Ape is all about culture on the internet and the metaverse. It's more than just money. It's a lifestyle. Games, art and events are what bring people together, and Ape coins will get you access to some of this exclusive stuff. There is a community to Ape. It's not just decentralized finance, but also decentralized governance so that ideas and creativity have a place to flourish. It's a serious ecosystem of play and collaboration.

Ecosystems need to be nurtured and this is where the Ape DAO comes in. DAOs are blockchain based organizations that facilitate autonomous governance. Holders of the Ape coin can also be members in the Ape DAO, and the coin is like a voting token. Members have their say in which direction they want the Ape community to go in, and support the projects they believe in. Voting on the blockchain can't be tampered with, and administrative tasks like bookkeeping are automated and transparent.

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bored-ape-yacht-club The Ape Coin was launched by the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), aka Bored Apes, in March 2022. Just in case you haven't heard, Bored Apes is a NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain, featuring pictures of various, well, bored looking apes generated by an algorithm, and was launched by Yuga Labs in 2021. Numerous celebs own Bored Apes NFTs, including the likes of Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Jimmy Fallon, Madonna, Timbaland and Justin Bieber.

The NFTs unlock access to the Bored Apes' exclusive Discord channels, as well as "The Bathroom" where people draw dicks on a digital graffiti board. 100,000 Bored Apes NFTs were minted and they have become one of the hottest selling crypto assets.

As things kept growing and new projects sprung, the Ape community decided to launch its own token to further facilitate community collaborations. This gave birth to ApeCoin $APE in March 2022, and it is technically separate from Yuga Labs.

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If you are one of those who are already own BAYC NFTs, you would have gotten 10,094 APE per NFT you hold. Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) holders got 2,094. And if you are already in the world of Bored Apes, you might have already have swapped tokens won in games for APE. There is also a staking program in the works with Horizon Labs, which will allow APE holders to earn more coins. However, if you are starting from scratch, you can't mine APE coins and the only way to get into the game is to buy APE tokens.

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Buy APE tokens

Buying APE tokens is pretty easy. You can find it at the big crypto exchanges such as Coinbase and Binance. You could also buy APE in decentralized exchanges, aka DEX, like Exodus, Uniswap and Sushiswap. If you are new to crypto, we suggest sticking with the big names. Not only are the process and interface more intuitive, but many of the crypto scams that exist are happening in the Dapps, which are the applications that let you interact with a DEX. Buying APE coins is basically the same as buying any other cryptocurrency and these steps will help you get started.

  1. From your preferred crypto exchange, sign in or register for an account.
  2. If you just signed up, you will need to verify your account.
  3. Buy APE coins. If you are using Coinbase and Binance, you can do this with a credit card.

info icon Note that some DEXes like Uniswap don't let you buy crypto with fiat money like USD dollars. You can only make purchases with other cryptocurrencies. This obviously makes them less suitable for absolute beginners who don't have any cryptocurrency to begin with. However, some DEXes like Exodus have added a credit card payment gateway so you can use your card to purchase crypto.

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So you got yourself some APE coins and now's the time to capitalize on your $APE with some real money gambling. The good news is it's all pretty easy and the hardest part is just choosing a crypto casino that accepts APE. Once you've found a casino you like, simply make a deposit with your APE coins to get rolling. It's literally as easy as this:

  1. Choose a crypto casino that banks with APE and sign up.
  2. When logged in to your casino account, look for the Deposit button or the Cashier section. Usually this is towards the top right of the site or easily can be in the account menu.
  3. Once in Deposit, choose APE from the payment methods shown.
  4. Enter how much APE you wish to deposit.
  5. You should see a QR code appear. Scan it with your crypto wallet app. You could also copy and paste the address under the QR code directly into your wallet.
  6. Confirm the transaction.
  7. Start gambling!

arrow Some sites might show the QR code before asking you how much your deposit, switching steps 4 and 5. But other than that, the process is pretty much the same across crypto casinos. There might be a few seconds to a few minutes before the transaction is fully confirmed on the blockchain and shows up in your casino bankroll, but usually it's not long and you can start playing almost immediately.

Cashing out your winnings is basically the same process, except you select Withdraw instead of Deposit at the casino's cashier.

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japanese pinball game

APE casinos are going to open the door to all the advantages of crypto gambling for you, which stands out from regular online gambling in these ways:

  • Super fast withdrawals
  • More secure and anonymous
  • Access to crypto games with higher limits

And well, there's also the simple hot and exclusive factor of being linked to one of the coolest crypto assets in town.

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APE casinos will open many doors, but there are some disadvantages as well, which at the time of writing are:

  • Not many casinos bank with APE for now
  • As crypto transactions, deposits and withdrawals will have gas fees
  •  Price can be fluctute

When it comes to crypto gambling, BTC, ETH and Litecoin are much more widely accepted. Casinos have however been keeping their eyes open on emerging altcoins though, and there's a good chance that we'll be seeing more APE casinos in the future. The other downside to APE casinos – or crypto gambling in general – are the gas fees. With regular online gambling, there are no fees on deposits or withdrawals, but if you're using Apecoins, then you will have to pay gas fees as with any crypto transaction.

As with many cryptocurrencies, the price of $APE can go up or down, and sometimes a bit dramatically. However, since its initial surge just after launch, the price has been hovering within a narrower range. Still, be aware that APE's value can be volatile, in case you're looking at it as an investment as well. Then you should keep track of its value while it's in your casino account to make sure you cashout and not miss the top of a rally.

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If you're betting with APE coins, you'll find that you won't be tied to the usual restrictions at online casinos. When it comes to crypto gambling in general, whether it's $APE or BTC, you're looking at much higher limits overall. That's why many high rollers have switched from regular online casinos over to the crypto casino space.

You're looking at a situation where it's almost the sky is the limit on the max limit side of things. What about on the lower end? Well, crypto gambling is all about flexibility and some sites set the minimum deposit to so low that all you have to do is cover the gas fees. Obviously you want to deposit more than just the fees so that you still have some coins to gamble with.

idea icon It's also worth remembering that bonuses and promotions may have minimum deposit requirements that are separate from the casino's min deposit, which is really just the bare minimum. If you want to claim the promos, then check the promo's terms and make sure you deposit enough to qualify. When in doubt, contact the casino's support for clarification.

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shield These days there are a lot of crypto scams so you would be right to consider safety issues when gambling with Apecoin, or any other coin for that matter. Crypto gambling is safe, provided that you choose a reputable website. Check the site for a gambling license for a start.

Provably Fair crypto games are also a trustworthy sign. Of course, casino reviews are always helpful too. If you don't already, you could also consider a multisig wallet for extra security to manage your $APE and other crypto assets.

And finally, this is not related to gambling with Ape, but is rather more general advice. If you decide to go the way of DEXes for lower fees, instead of the big name crypto exchanges, do make sure the Dapp you use is trusted and reputable. We've heard of some not-so-honourable trickery in this area leading to painful financial losses.

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There's no monkeying around when it comes to $APE casino games. Although the list of APE casinos isn't what we'd call huge for now, the games these sites have are massive. You're looking at a huge variety of real money gambling games at your fingertips.

fruit slot Online slot machines coins icon Original crypto games coins icon Arcade games
roulette icon Roulette blackjack-cards Blackjack live-dealer Live casino games
jackpot icon Jackpot games scratch card games Scratch card games live-dealer Sportsbetting

There are tons of crypto slots in a dazzling array of themes, along with live card and table games, and game shows. We especially love the arcade games with their clean and modern visuals, while packing in a punch of adrenaline with massive win potentials in just a matter of seconds. So check them out. They're also available for free play.

Not all casinos will have sportsbetting although several crypto casinos. If you are looking for sportsbetting with Apecoin, then look around at some of the other sites if you don't see it at the first click. It's also good to know that once you have successfully deposited into your casino account, you can use your balance to play all the games and place bets on whatever real money gambling options the site offers.

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We put together a couple of tips for gambling with Ape Coin below. Some of it is related general good practice with cryptocurrencies, others are directly related to gambling.

  • Buying low and for a good price is pretty basic, which means it's always better to buy APE before you actually play.
  • If you have other cryptocurrencies, sometimes it's a better deal to use those to buy APE, instead of using a credit card.
  • Welcome bonuses are great, but rakeback rewards can also really deliver.
  • Consider setting loss limits in your casino's account to help you stay within your planned budget.

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While Ape coin is great and we've listed some very decent crypto casinos that accept the token, we have to admit that there isn't exactly a plethora of Ape casinos to choose from. If you're the kind that values choice, it might be wise to consider holding more widely accepted coins.

BTC and ETH are by far the most widely accepted, but if you are looking for a coin with a lower buy in that'll still open doors for you, then Litecoin LTC and Tether USDT are both excellent choices.

Ape coin FAQ

  1. Can I play Bitcoin games with Ape?
  2. Is there an APE bonus?
  3. Does Ape Coin have a future?
  4. Can I win more Ape coins at casinos?
  5. Can I play Otherside with Ape coin?
  6. Do I need Ape coin to buy Bored Ape NFTs?

1.) Can I play Bitcoin games with Ape?

Some casino sites might have a listing for Bitcoin games. You can definitely play those even if you are using the Ape token.

cryptocurrencies The Bitcoin games aren't specifically for BTC and can actually be played with any cryptocurrency that the casino banks with. The main thing is that you have the funds in your casino account. Once you're loaded, you can play any game you see on the site. Slots, live dealer games, arcade games. – anything you see if yours to enjoy.

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2.) Is there an APE bonus?

Casino bonuses are not usually given for depositing in a specific currency. If you're at a crypto casino that banks with APE and that also has a deposit bonus, you should be able to claim it with an APE deposit. If you see a crypto bonus in BTC, you should check what the max amount is in APE. Depending on the casino, the max amounts can vary with the cryptocurrency you're depositing in. There's no hard and fast rule, so if you happen to hold multiple coins it's good to take a look to see what you can get. And feel free to talk with the casino's support for clarification too.

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3.) Does Ape Coin have a future?

Ape coin is still a relatively new altcoin, but it got off to a very strong start in March 2022. This is of course thanks to it being associated with the Bored Apes NFTs, which is one of the most hotly traded NFTs today and has developed into a very strong community tied together with their interest in culture, entertainment and just having a good time.

Whether this is all just hype or the beginning of a serious momentum remains to be seen. While the Ape coin quickly shot up from its launch price of around $8 to a record high above $27 in late April, it has been trading under the $10 mark since May 2022. However, Ape has some serious publicity power behind it, with Eminem and Snoop Dogg making a Bored Ape themed video.

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And other than numerous celebrities who are Bored Apes, the Ape Foundation recruited some serious heavyweights to sit on the board, including Alexis Ohanian, who co-founded Reddit. The Ape token is positioned as the coin for the Bored Ape Yacht Club ecosystem, so the coin can really take off with the community.

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4.) Can I win more Ape coins at casinos?

Yes. As with any real money casino games, you can win more APE coins when you play at crypto casinos. This of course is only if you made your deposit in APE. Many crypto casinos will display your balance in a fiat currency of your choice, like USD or Euros, but this is just for convenience sake as it's much easier to keep track if you are using multiple cryptocurrencies. That's just the display though and the payout will be in the cryptocurrency you deposited in.

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5.) Can I play Otherside with Ape coin?

You will need Ape Coin to buy land and to execute some other functions in Otherside, but to just get into Otherside, you will need to have a BAYC or a compatible NFT, which includes but is not limited to Mutant Apes, Crypto Punks, World of Women and Cool Cats. Regardless if you are in Otherside or not, as a holder of the Apecoin, you will have voting rights in the ApeDAO and can have a say in the direction of the community.

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6.) Do I need Ape coin to buy Bored Ape NFTs?

No, you don't need Ape coins to buy a Bored Ape NFTs. If you want to buy one of these collectibles, the cryptocurrency you need to hold is Ethereum ETH. So if you're just getting into the scene, make sure you buy ETH at the exchange.

Bored Ape The original BAYC NFTs aren't cheap. NFT prices are very volatile, but a BAYC NFT can set you back a couple of hundred grand. The Bored Ape Kennel Club (BAKC) NFTs are a spinoff from BAYC and tend to be more affordable.

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Although one of the newer altcoins that was only launched in 2022, the Ape Coin has made humongous leaps. A lot of this of course has to do with its history of Bored Apes BAYC, and the Otherside in the Metaverse. Initially a utility token for gaming, holders also become part of the lively Ape DAO, which is a collaborative ecosystem designed to support art, culture and lifestyle.

For the moment, only a select number of crypto casinos bank with the coin, but with its heavy focus on gaming, it's not hard to imagine more sites implementing Ape as one of their payment methods.

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